Quality Road & Mountain Bikes in Scottsdale, Arizona

Turn to BICYCLES OF SCOTTSDALE for the very best comfort, road, and mountain bikes to suit your riding needs in Scottsdale, Arizona. We have a wide range of bicycle brands, though Giant™ is our most prominent offering. Giant makes a variety of different bicycles to meet all your cycling needs, including cruisers, high-end road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids, and specific cross-bikes.

Our shop specializes in road, mountain, and comfort bikes for all terrains, and we cater to families and riders of all calibers, with a fantastic selection of bikes from companies, including:

• Phat™
• Huntington Beach Bicycle Company™
• Jamis™ (Formerly Nerve Bicycles)
• Fuji™
• Scott™
• DK Bikes™
• Cannondale™
• Giant
• SE Bicycles™
• Sun Bikes™
Man Riding Bike - Mountain Bikes

Get Your Ride on

No matter what you ride, we’re here to help you find the perfect bike and keep it working. Our team offers one- to two-day availability on any bike we don’t have available, including brands that we don’t carry. Our staff is focused on getting you the right bike and ensuring that you’re comfortable with your purchase, instead of selling the most expensive bike in the shop. We match you with a bike that you’ll love for years to come.


Keep Going

Keep your road or mountain bikes in good shape by taking advantage of our lifetime adjustments. We take care of anything on your bike. After 30–60 days of riding, you’ll want to come in for an initial tune-up to keep the bike riding properly. Additionally, we offer a lifetime warranty on your bike frame. Check us out today and enjoy huge savings on any non-2014 bike and come back to us for quality service!

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